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InsuranceWhen you purchase a Colorado insurance policy, you expect that, when you need them, the insurance company will be there for you. Whether it is auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, health insurance, or life insurance, an insurance policy is a promise by the company to cover certain financial costs in exchange for payment of a premium. Everyone is probably familiar with the idea of make a copayment at the doctor’s office, knowing that the health insurance company will actually pay most of the doctor’s bill. Or taking the car to the auto body shop after a fender bender or car accident, knowing that the insurance company will pay for the repairs. This is the promise that the insurance company makes when you pay for the policy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes, the insurance company decides to protect its own bottom line, rather than live up to its obligations to the consumer. Denver insurance dispute attorney Andrew Bubb has years of experience dealing with insurance companies that have tried to avoid paying the full, fair value of claims.

What Can A Colorado Insurance Dispute Attorney Do?

A lot of people never actually read their insurance policies, and don’t know their rights when it comes to filing claims. Insurance companies count on this. They know that by offering to settle claims for less than their full value, they can save money because so many people will simply accept the settlement with no questions. It is important to remember that an insurance company is a for-profit business. Unfortunately, some insurance companies pad their profits by underpaying on claims. While the state does have an office for protecting Colorado insurance consumers, it is a good idea to speak with an experienced Denver insurance bad faith attorney to fully understand your rights. Some of the things that insurance companies are prohibited from doing include:

  • Failing to put policies and procedures in place for investigating claims
  • Misrepresenting certain important information about policy coverage at the time of purchase
  • Failing to process claims in a timely fashion
  • Offering unreasonably low settlement offers on valid claims
  • Delaying the claims process for no reason
  • Failing to establish procedures for handling consumer complaints, or failing to follow those procedures
  • Making settlement offers without making it clear under which portion of the policy the claim is being paid
  • Denying claims without investigating the claim

These regulations are created for the protection of Denver insurance consumers, but enforcing your rights under these regulations often requires help. The Injury Law Offices of Andrew C. Bubb have helped numerous injured Coloradans to protect their rights and their financial well-being when insurance companies have tried to avoid paying claims. Andrew is a knowledgeable Denver insurance dispute lawyer who will fight to ensure that you receive the full, fair value of your insurance claim. He has dealt with many different insurance companies, he understands the law as it relates to insurance claims, and is dedicated to helping injured Coloradans.

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Denver Insurance Dispute Attorney Andrew BubbContact Denver insurance dispute attorney Andrew Bubb today if you believe that an insurance company id dealing with you in bad faith. From ignoring new claims until time has passed, to denying claims without investigation, to offering settlements that are insufficient to cover the costs to the consumer, Colorado insurance companies have a variety of tactics that they use to avoid paying claims. Andrew has seen all of these tricks, and he knows how to protect your rights, and make sure that you receive a fair settlement. The insurance company has experienced, knowledgeable lawyers on their side; make sure you have an experienced Denver insurance dispute lawyer on your side as well. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, call Andrew today at (303) 807-6187.

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