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Mitsubishi Motors Has Issued A Recall


Mitsubishi Motors has issued a recall of just over 3,000 Outlander Sport SUVs from the 2011 model year because of a defect in the panoramic glass roof that could cause it to detach, according to the Denver Post. Apparently, primer was not applied before the adhesive on some vehicles, so that the glass is not attached as firmly as it should be. Mitsubishi has received complaints of the glass detaching from the body of the vehicle. Owners of 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sports should take their vehicle to a dealer to check for problems. The dealer will examine the glass panel to see if the primer was applied. If it wasn’t, they will repair the problem. Of course, all of this work will be done at no cost to the customer.

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In many cases, manufacturing defects in cars don’t necessarily cause accidents, but they may make the results of an accident worse than they otherwise would have. For example, an accident that would have been minor might be made much worse because a safety feature on one of the cars was defective, or a body part was defectively installed. Instead of vehicle damage and minor injuries, now maybe the result is a totaled car and major injury resulting in permanent disability. The manufacturer of the defective vehicle may be held partially liable for the damage. It’s important to understand that Colorado personal injury claims are not all or nothing. For example, if the defective part is 80% responsible for your injuries and you are 20% responsible, then you are entitled to recover 80% of the value of your damages.

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