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Tailgating is a Dangerous Driving Habit

line of car taillights waiting in line | Tailgating is a Dangerous Driving HabitThere are more than 1.7 million rear-end collisions across the United States every year, killing about 1,700 and seriously injuring another half a million. Those accidents can be caused by many factors, including texting while driving, fatigue, driver distraction, and tailgating.

Tailgating is a dangerous driving habit, and a factor in a significant number of rear-end accidents, and, in fact, in as many as a third of all highway accidents, tailgating is a factor. Tailgating occurs when one driver follows the vehicle in front of them much too closely, effectively decreasing the amount of reaction time. Most drivers hate being tailgated, and will sometimes “tap” their brakes enough to hopefully get the tailgater to follow at a safer distance. This can be a dangerous move if the tailgater happens to be looking away or is in some other way distracted.

Although a significant amount of rear-end accidents could be avoided altogether if all cars came equipped with collision avoidance systems, it will likely be many years into the future before that is a reality. The NTSB estimates that a full three-fourths of the deaths and injuries resulting from rear-end collisions could be prevented through the use of collision avoidance systems in all cars. The NTSB also pointed to a study done by the NHTSA, which concluded that 87 percent of rear-end collisions are the result of driver distraction and inattention.

Avoiding a Rear End Accident

In order to avoid causing a rear end accident, it is important not to follow too closely behind the car in front of you. You need time to be able to react, should the driver suddenly slam on their brakes. It is generally recommended that you allow two seconds between your car and the vehicle in front of on a dry, clear road. This means that when the car in front of you passes a sign or other object, you should not reach that sign or object before you have counted two full seconds. If you are driving in wet, rainy conditions, extend the time to four seconds, and in icy or snowy conditions, make it ten seconds.

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