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What do I do after an Insurance Company Denies my Motorcycle Claim?


Insurance_Claim_RejectedIf an insurance company has denied your claim after a motorcycle accident, it is important to hire an experienced Denver insurance dispute lawyer immediately. Insurance companies claim that “you’re in good hands”, but in reality, they care more about their shareholders and profits than their policyholders.


An experienced Denver insurance dispute lawyer can help negotiate with the insurance companies and ensure that they do not engage in bad faith practices. If they do, your lawyer can and will hold them accountable for their actions and get you the compensation you deserve.


Insurance companies often look at motorcyclists as renegades and thrill seekers. As such, they may believe that you are partly to blame for the motorcycle accident, even when there is little evidence to support this belief. As a result, motorcycle insurance companies will routinely offer motorcyclists low-ball settlements or even deny valid claims.


When this occurs, it is important to review your claim closely. If your insurance company outright denied your claim, you may want to review the claim to be sure you have correctly filed. There are many reasons why your motorcycle insurance company would deny your claim, including insufficient coverage or policy restrictions.


If you believe that your insurance company is denying your claim in error or engaging in bad faith practices, however, you may need to speak with an experienced Denver insurance attorney immediately.


Insurance companies often wish to speak with the insured party before issuing payments and reaching a settlement. Yet they make very little effort to reach the insured person and this ends up causing delays. The longer they wait to make contact, the more likely they will outright deny your claim—even when the claim is valid.


In many situations, insurance companies know that your motorcycle claim is valid; they are simply trying to play hardball. When you do obtain legal representation, the majority of insurance providers suddenly agree to reach a fair settlement. It is no coincidence and it is not by chance. Hiring a Denver insurance lawyer is the best way to resolve motorcycle insurance disputes quickly.


bubb_220x186_soft-grad-bgContact Denver insurance dispute attorney Andrew Bubb today if you believe that an insurance company has denied your motorcycle claim without cause. Insurance companies routinely ignore new claims, deny claims without adequate investigation, and offer low-ball settlements that are insufficient to cover motorcycle victim’s expenses. You need an experienced Denver insurance dispute lawyer on your side to fight the large insurance companies and protect your rights. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, call Andrew today at (303) 807-6187.


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