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Who is Responsible After a Hit and Run Accident?

Ambulance emt stretcherBeing involved in a car accident in Denver is a scary and traumatic experience. If the driver responsible for your accident flees the scene of the accident, you may find yourself struggling to pay medical expenses and facing an uncertain future.

Immediately following a hit and run accident, victims can find themselves in a serious and life-threatening situation. With no one to lend aid and call 911, their injuries could compound and result in permanent damage. If there are no other motorists at the scene, then seeking medical attention should be your first priority.

If other motorists are at the scene of the accident, they can also provide the police and your Denver car accident attorney with valuable information about the person responsible for your accident. This could include pictures taken at the scene, cellphone footage, or simply the make and model of the vehicle or license plate number.

Who is Responsible after a Hit and Run Accident in Denver?
The driver who is responsible for the accident is also responsible for the injuries and damages their negligence has caused. Unfortunately, if that driver leaves the scene of the accident, holding them accountable for their actions is difficult.

In order to assign liability in a hit and run accident, the responsible party must be found. Until this occurs, you could find yourself suddenly responsible for extraordinary medical expenses, damages to your vehicle, and rehabilitation expenses. Additionally, if your injuries make it impossible for you to work, you and your family could be suddenly thrust into financial ruin.

When this occurs, you need an experienced and skilled Denver hit and run accident lawyer on your side. From the moment you are involved in a hit and run accident, your lawyer will go to work for you. Through skillful negotiations with your insurance company and helping you file for any disability benefits you are entitled to, your attorney can help you, and your family, avoid financial struggles until the responsible party is apprehended.

Insurance companies are notoriously reluctant to pay any claims after a hit and run accident. They commonly use delay and deny tactics to postpone having to pay any compensation to the accident victim. Your Denver hit and run attorney can ensure that your insurance company pays your claims fairly and as soon as possible. When the hit and run driver is found and charged with a crime, your attorney will be ready to file a lawsuit against him or her to recover the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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