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Colorado Wrongful Death Attorney

An Advocate You Can Rely After the Wrongful Death of a Loved One

Denver Wrongful Death AttorneyWords can never describe the agony felt after losing a loved one in an unnecessary accident. Family members left behind often have to learn how to come to terms with their loved one’s death while facing new and unexpected financial burdens. The loss of income coupled with outstanding expenses require swift attention. In times like these a compassionate and qualified Colorado Wrongful Death Attorney can answer your legal questions and explain your options for financial recovery. Working with a Colorado Wrongful Death Attorney can also be a way to prevent future deaths from occurring. Your wrongful death case could result in changes in the law that could save another life.

Wrongful Death Colorado Attorney
At The Personal Injury Law Offices of Andrew C. Bubb, we have successfully handled numerous Colorado wrongful death cases, helping grieving families navigate the complexities associated with wrongful death law. We have secured compensation for cases involving vehicle and automobile accidents, premises liability, and accidents on the job. We know that financial compensation does not take away the grief and sadness associated with a loved one’s death, but we also know that financial compensation can reduce stress and worry over how to pay bills and may even bring a certain amount of contentment that justice has been served.

Swift and Thorough Investigation of Injury Accidents

One of the key steps in a wrongful death case is a swift and thorough investigation of the events that lead to the death of a loved one. All of our cases begin with immediately contacting witnesses and sifting through evidence. We do not hesitate to call on leading industry professionals, medical experts, and private investigators, to determine error and neglect. For example, in the case of an automobile accident, we might use a private investigator to check police records for appropriate evidence and eye witness accounts to determine whether another person’s negligence played a role in the accident.

Our top priority is to hold accountable those parties responsible for the death of your loved one. These cases are not easy but we are willing to work through whatever obstacles may arise. Like you, we want full and fair compensation for your loss, including funeral expenses, medical bills, loss of wages and support, as well as any other expenses taken on by you and your family.

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